Institutions internationales par Jean-Claude Zarka

Institutions internationales par Jean-Claude Zarka

Titre de livre: Institutions internationales

Auteur: Jean-Claude Zarka

Broché: 175 pages

Date de sortie: August 2, 2005

ISBN: 2729824359

Éditeur: Ellipses Marketing

Jean-Claude Zarka avec Institutions internationales

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Institution internationale — Wikipédia - Une institution internationale est un organisme qui dispose du statut d'institution, lui permettant d'exercer des activités au niveau international.. Voir aussi : organisation internationale. Liste d'institutions internationales. Par ordre alphabétique (non exhaustif) : Banque mondiale; Banque africaine de developpement (BAD); Banque ouest-africaine de développement (BOAD). The Graduate Institute, Geneva - institut de hautes Études internationales et du dÉveloppement. graduate institute of international and development studies. Welcome to moveonnet — moveonnet - Welcome to moveonnet. moveonnet provides a comprehensive directory of 6901 universities worldwide and tools for the communication between the international relations offices. Presentation - Contributing to the research and the debates around strategic and international issues by offering a different and original analysis of national and international issues.. General Education Online - General Education Online. Welcome to General Education Online's, a free and open resource database of links to higher education facilities worldwide for researchers, students and others.. China Institute of International Studies - CIIS in Brief China Institute of International Studies No.3,Toutiao,Taijichang,Beijing,100005,China Copyright 2006 CIIS .. Homepage - Welcome! The ambition of CEIPI is to gather the best skills in the field of intellectual property, within the University of Strasbourg, in order to face the challenges of a developping "society of knowledge".. International Association of Economic and Social Councils - AICESIS MISSION. The Association's objective is, with full respect towards the independence of each of its members, to encourage and promote dialogue and an exchange of views between its members and, at a wider level, to encourage dialogue between economic and social partners around the world.. Stadt Bonn - The Campus provides to the UN organisations ideal working conditions and an environment rich in synergies. A special advantage is the close vicinity to the International Congress Centre and to many other important partners.. Ajustement structurel — Wikipédia - Types de mesures, ou d'évolutions spontanées, pouvant avoir une incidence positive pérenne sur la structure économique du pays. Les mesures concernent notamment.